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Inscrit le : 15 Oct 2020
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Message Posté le : Jeu 15 Oct 2020 à 4:32 Répondre en citantRevenir en haut

As much as etiquette may not be expected, I suppose it jotaro hat does make it that much more appreciated when it is displayed. I applaud you for your good sense and discipline in sticking to doing what's right and not allowing yourself to "follow the crowd." If you would like to receive other etiquette tips each month, we invite you (and anyone else reading) to receive a complimentary subscription to our "Etiquette Tip of the Month" newsletter at. We promise never to give away or sell your information. I'm a college student and notice other guys wear their baseball caps, of various sorts, all the time. I used to remove mine when entering a classroom when I wore one, but now I usually just leave it on. It feels weird to be the only one de-hatting, kind of like I'm unnecessarily calling attention to the fact that I'm wearing a hat.

To me, displaying appropriate behavior is all about displaying a great image and showing how well educated and "in the know" we are about such matters. If and when you do choose to wear a baseball hat, I truly hope you will continue to always take it off indoors in a classroom, at a restaurant, or at the movies. Wearing it while walking around in ladies hats for weddings a Mall is fine. Linda and Dustin: To end this conversation I want to say that both of you are within reason. I'm a believer in all things should be acceptable if there is a reason for the behavior. For instance, if Dustin is stating a person wearing snorkeling gear to church would be accepted& Yes, absolutely. I doubt any church would turn someone away because of their attire. Perhaps it military hat were a unique situation that caused that person to only have that to wear.

What I do know is through patience and kindness in not blowing up at such people who are perhaps judgmental of your friend wearing a heat indoors, this will go along way toward helping others to understand this unique situation. My best suggestion is to find a friend or milliner who can design and make nice hats that will serve your purpose and not look like a generic sports hats is my best recommendation to attract positive comments, versus negative criticisms. Good luck! Oh, good grief. Don't confuse clothing with courtesy. The hat protocol originated back in the days when noble men wore helmets, and it made some sense to remove one's (combat) helmet when in the presence of a superior or lady or safe spot indoors (except when navy hat under arms).

So social etiquette typically stems from something of significance. We shake with our right hand because that was our sword hand and it says "Hi. Come close and be friends. Let's not stab one another." Also, men walk on the closest side to a street to protect a woman from being splashed by a mud puddle from a cart and buggie. Protecting her, really. Another is men open doors for women because they spend more time looking good and were to be proudly shown off and as a sign of kindness. But this hat thing?!? How does it apply? Maybe someone says "Come in and make yourself comfortable." If you leave your hat on, it may appear as if you are ready to leave at any moment making others feel uncomfortable like standing while others are seated. So "Make yourself comfortable" is an order and someone is dictating what is and is not comfortable?!?

My hat is like my watch. Part of my dress. In fact as my watch goes, even though i wear i use my cellphone for the time mostly. Its part of my dress. A common opinion I happen upon in this conflict is that it is a sign of pretentiousness, douche-e-ness, low education, barbary etc. I find this comedic. Based on the responses I've seen in several blogs about this topic, I feel as if most people who would actually assume these things about a person based on whether or not an object rests upon another person's head is actually acting presumptuous and pretentious. Especially when they decide to attack the act of wearing a cap backwards as well. On insulting the conditions of the place: If your building is blasting the A/C or not using sufficient heat, I will be hatted and jacketed if necessary.

What I see more often is that the  professional' A-students memorize everything and know everything they they've been taught, but they cannot for the life of next hats them synthesize an organic answer unless they have directly heard or read the answer at some point. Perhaps proper people are simply very good at regurgetating information and obeying rules. Perhaps disregarding an irrational rule that is meant to trick people into believing an individual is intelligent is actually a sign of a critical thinker. But, we cannot really make that assumption based on my personal experience. Sidenotes: I actually am quite traditionally polite on fronts where it actually matters: I just really hate it when people use some arbitrary Image and meaningless rule to fuel their delusions of superiority.
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